Tuesday 6 August 2019

Traffic Parrot 5.3.1 released, whats new?

We have just released version 5.3.1. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • New operating system specific release with bundled JRE:
    • Any operating system with no bundled JRE: trafficparrot-no-jre-5.3.1.zip
    • 64-bit Linux with bundled JRE: trafficparrot-linux-x64-jre-5.3.1.zip
    • 64-bit Mac with bundled JRE: trafficparrot-mac-x64-jre-5.3.1.zip
    • 64-bit Windows with bundled JRE: trafficparrot-windows-x64-jre-5.3.1.zip
    • 32-bit Windows with bundled JRE: trafficparrot-windows-x86-32-jre-5.3.1.zip
  • New state management REST API for global state:
    • Create or update state using PUT /api/state/global/{name}
    • Get state using GET /api/state/global/{name}
    • Reset all state using DELETE /api/state
    • See the OpenAPI documentation or import the Postman workspace for more information on the API usage
    • {{ manageState 'example' 'set' 1234 }} to set a variable in a response template
    • {{ manageState 'example' 'get' }} to get a variable in a response template

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