Tuesday 23 July 2019

What can I do with Traffic Parrot?

"What can I do with Traffic Parrot? I am trying to simulate resource allocation scenario for fog computing. Can I simulate that using Traffic Parrot?" - a trafficparrot.com website visitor via the chat window.

Traffic Parrot is a service virtualisation and API mocking tool, which are two techniques from the test doubles family.

"Sometimes it is just plain hard to test the system under test because it depends on other components that cannot be used in the test environment. This could be because they aren't available, they will not return the results needed for the test or because executing them would have undesirable side effects. In other cases, our test strategy requires us to have more control or visibility of the internal behavior of the SUT."  - Test Double at XUnitPatterns.

For more information have a look at the tutorial: Getting started with stubbing, mocking and service virtualization.

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