Monday 8 July 2019

Traffic Parrot 5.1.0 released, whats new?

We have just released version 5.1.0. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • gRPC improvements
    • Import gRPC proto files using the import button on the gRPC Add/Edit page
    • Convert OpenAPI files to gRPC proto files with openapi2proto using the import button on the gRPC Add/Edit page
    • Use the trafficparrot.virtualservice.grpc.openapi2proto.plugin.location property to configure the openapi2proto binary location, which can be either AUTO_DETECT (which searches the system environment path, go/bin directory and Traffic Parrot plugins directory) or a specific location
  • Configure HTTP proxy mappings on the HTTP Add/Edit page to allow routing some calls to the virtual service and some calls to real services
  • Added support for database queries in responses
    • New {{ databaseQuery }} helper
    • Configure JDBC connections in the database-connections.json file
    • Provide the JDBC driver JAR files for your database in the lib/external folder
  • Added support for default value when using {{ select }} to look up values in CSV files
  • Added support for the IBM®MQ Message ID as Correlation ID pattern


  • When a property is missing from we now report which key is missing in the logs
  • PDF files can now be correctly recorded and replayed as HTTP multipart/related attachments


  • Removed equal to matcher from gRPC edit mapping form (equal to JSON always makes more sense to use than equal to)
  • New toggle trafficparrot.virtualservice.grpc.message.field.naming to choose whether to define gRPC mappings using CAMEL_CASE field names or using the ORIGINAL field name case used in the proto files
  • Binary (non plain text) HTTP responses are now recorded in .bin files

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