Friday 31 December 2021

Traffic Parrot 5.29.7 released, what's new?

We have just released version 5.29.7. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • Added new to allow configuring separate HTTP and HTTPS ports for the UI:
    • trafficparrot.gui.http.port=8080
    • trafficparrot.gui.http.port.enabled=true
    • trafficparrot.gui.https.port=8079
    • trafficparrot.gui.https.port.enabled=true
    • trafficparrot.gui.https.jks.resource=certificates/user-interface-https.jks
    • trafficparrot.gui.https.jks.password=trafficparrot
  • Added support for connecting to an external RabbitMQ 3 broker via JMS
  • Added support for HTTP webhooks including:
    • UI to configure callback on the HTTP Add/Edit mapping page
    • Send request callback after a fixed delay
    • Use data from the original request and response body in the callback request template
    • Enable callback to be sent or not based on script
  • Added support for uploading data directory when uploading an HTTP mappings zip file
  • Added support for DOTALL option in {{ regexExtract }} helper


  • Upgraded WireMock from 2.29.1 to 2.31.0
    • WireMock removed support for parameter normalizing in response templates
    • To restore parameter normalizing behaviour, please set: trafficparrot.virtualservice.handlebars.normalizeHelperParameters=true
  • Upgraded gRPC from 1.39.0 to 1.43.1
  • Upgraded protoc from 3.17.3 to 3.19.1
  • Include RabbitMQ sample JMS connection


  • Fixed a bug with indexed {{ dataSource }} parameters
  • Fixed a bug with mixed type XLS columns
  • Fixed a bug with the tray icon on Windows
  • Library upgrades to fix OWASP issues

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Do you need an asynchronous API mocking tool, asynchronous API testing tool or both?

In most cases, companies reach out to us because they are looking for a tool with service virtualization or API mocking capabilities. There are, however, situations where it is unclear if that is the only use case they would like us to help them with, especially when it comes to asynchronous message processing like IBM MQ, ActiveMQ, or RabbitMQ.

To help us better understand your needs, please review the diagram below and let us know if you would like us to help you with the blue elements on the diagram, the green ones, or both?

Do you need an asynchronous API mocking tool, asynchronous API testing tool or both?