Monday 14 March 2022

Traffic Parrot 5.33.2 released, what's new?

We have just released version 5.33.2. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • Native IBM® MQ mapping multiple response messages now support zero response messages. This allows for consuming request messages without sending any response message.
  • Added new to allow starting JMS queue replay on startup:
    • trafficparrot.jms.start.queue.replay.on.startup=false
    • trafficparrot.jms.start.queue.replay.on.startup.consumeRequestsFromConnectionId=1
    • trafficparrot.jms.start.queue.replay.on.startup.replayResponsesToConnectionId=1
  • Extended virtual service support for using multiple JMS virtual services linked to separate mappings:
    • The scenarios/VirtualServiceName/ now allows for configuring:
      • jms.queue.replay.on.startup=true
    • The scenarios/VirtualServiceName/jms-connections.json file is used to specify the queue manager connections per virtual service
    • The scenarios/VirtualServiceName/jms-mappings directory contains the mappings files per virtual service
    • The UI allows starting JMS replay for multiple virtual services at a time
  • RabbitMQ JMS queue declare arguments can now be specified in the mapping JSON. Please note that the UI does not yet support this feature.
  • RabbitMQ JMS queue names may now be specified in the format exchange/routingKey instead of a direct queue name


  • Upgraded bundled JRE from 8u292 to 8u322
  • RabbitMQ JMS with AMQP compatibility mode enabled does not support topics and will now fail with an error message