Sunday 17 June 2018

Video: How software testers can add value in a world of microservices?

Last month Wojciech talked at the National Software Testing Conference in London about how software testers can add value in a world of microservices.

The video presentation can be purchased from 31 Media Please note we do not receive any commision on the sales of that video, all money goes to 31Media.

Sunday 10 June 2018

How to mock and also passthrough HTTP(S) requests to multiple systems?

You can use API mocks to isolate yourself from backed and third party dependencies. There are cases where it would be advisable to lookup responses in the API mock but when none are found, forward (passthrough) the request to the real backed or third party service. In Traffic Parrot you can passthrough to one domain at a time. So how to deal with a situation when there are more than one domain you would like to mock? The solution is to use multiple Traffic Parrot instances, each mocking and passing though to a different domain.

Mock and pass through to multiple domains

To configure passthough, open Traffic Parrot and click on HTTP->Passthough.

How to configure passthough