Thursday 1 June 2023

How do system simulators (service virtualization) and real systems work together?

We have been asked this week by a Director of QA working for a south american energy company, "How do system simulators and real systems work together?".

Several times, different prospects have asked this question, so we had diagrams ready to show.

The current situation in your test and development environment is most likely that you have problems with third-party or backend systems (red on the diagram) that result in blockages of your regression testing (red on the diagram) and new feature development (red on the diagram).

Depending on your specific situation, several options are available to add API and system simulators to your environments. One of the popular options among directors asking this question is introducing a new test environment, the "simulated" one. If you do that, most of your regression and new feature testing can be done with simulators (green), allowing for faster time to market for new features and lower costs of introducing changes to your product.

Here is a sample ROI model explaining the benefits of QA using API and system simulators.

If you want to learn about other options for your specific situation, please contact us

Traffic Parrot 5.40.2 released, what's new?

We have just released version 5.40.2. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • Added Couchbase data source support:
    {{ dataSource 'couchbase.db' 'INSERT INTO PERSON(KEY, VALUE) VALUES ("$id", {"id" : $id,"name" : $name})' id=1000 name='some-name' syntax='N1QL' }}
    {{ dataSource 'couchbase.db' 'SELECT name FROM PERSON USE KEYS "$id"' id=1000 single=true syntax='N1QL' }}
    {{ dataSource 'couchbase.db' 'INSERT INTO PERSON(KEY, VALUE) VALUES ("$id", $object)' id=1000 object=example syntax='N1QL' }}
  • New helper to iterate a certain number of times:
    {{#times 10}}{{@index}}{{#unless @last}},{{/unless}}{{/times}}
  • New HTTP mapping bulk delete API:
    DELETE http://localhost:8080/api/http/mappings/bulk/UUID1,UUID2,UUID3
  • New gRPC mapping bulk delete API:
    DELETE http://localhost:8080/api/grpc/mappings/bulk/UUID1,UUID2,UUID3


  • Library upgrades to fix OWASP issues


  • Upgraded bundled JRE from 8u362 to 8u372
  • Helper {{#equal a b }}true{{else}}false{{/equal} can now be written inline as {{ equal a b }}
  • When using Handlebars partial files, it is now possible to use a different file extension than .hbs for example {{>example.txt}} will read from file example.txt

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