Friday 29 March 2019

How to run Traffic Parrot behind a firewall? How to use a proxy?

Recently one of the Traffic Parrot users asked us:

"When I try to capture traffic from a HTTP API it does not register anything or generate an error, it just does not capture anything. I have a proxy in my company, but I can not find how to tell the application to go through that proxy to make the recording. Please advise." - A developer at a Colombian bank

Are you running Traffic Parrot inside an organisation where you have to use a HTTP Proxy to access APIs?

No problem!

You can find documentation here how to use a HTTP Proxy here:

Friday 15 March 2019

How to add requests and responses manually

A user recently asked us this good question.

> I would like to know your inputs for below query: if we do not have any restful API details apart from one URI and one set of Request and response.
> That to URI is not accessible in our dev cloud. then we do not have any recording url for that to put on since it is not accessible. How can we do virtualization here using traffic parrot

You can add requests and responses manually to Traffic Parrot by clicking on HTTP->Add/Edit.

Monday 4 March 2019

Delaying JMS messages in IBM MQ or Active MQ (mocking and service virtualization)

Starting from version 4.4.0 Traffic Parrot supports delayed JMS messages.

Here is the documentation how to enable delayed messages:

It is useful in scenarios like performance testing, when you would like to simulate a dependency system that takes a while to process messages asynchronously and its impact on your systems performance.