Sunday 16 June 2019

How to approach Traffic Parrot speed issues during load testing

We had one of our prospects reach out to us this week:

"I am stuck with my POC (Proof Of Concept project) on Traffic Parrot as I am facing out of memory issues at 30 TPS for 100 concurrent users for HTTP and IBM MQ JMS, please advise." -  Test Automation and Service Virtualization Consultant at an Australian Bank

Typically we advise starting by having a look at common approaches to speeding up Traffic Parrot for performance testing which is located here:

If the guidelines outlined there do not resolve the issue, please contact, and we will suggest how we can improve the performance of Traffic Parrot in your specific use case.

In this particular case increasing the memory from -Xmx128mb to -Xmx1g (Traffic Parrot JVM heap size increase from 128MB to 1GB) in jvm.args resolved the issue. The issue was that the request to response mappings used by the prospect were complex enough to require higher than standard use of memory for 100 concurrent users.

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