Saturday 15 June 2019

Traffic Parrot 5.0.0 release, whats new?

We have released Traffic Parrot 5.0.0. Here is a list of what is included in the new release:


  • New HTTP skeletons feature:
    • OpenAPI specifications are used to generate a list of HTTP skeletons that can be used to help design HTTP mappings in the Traffic Parrot user interface
    • Place OpenAPI specifications in the openapi configuration directory to populate the dropdown menu or use the upload button on the HTTP Add/Edit page next to the dropdown
    • This replaces the old scenarios.js dropdown, which has been removed (see changes section below for migration instructions)
  • Maven plugin improvements:
    • New trafficparrot:check-environment goal to run in the pre-clean phase to check nothing is preventing a successful start of Traffic Parrot
    • Check that there is not an existing Traffic Parrot instance running
    • Check for locked files or directories that are unable to be cleaned on Windows (typically this is because a file is open in a text editor or command prompt)
    • Improved speed when cacheDownload is enabled by also caching the extracted zip file
    • Accept either file:/// or file:// syntax when specifying file URLs
    • Remember to upgrade your plugin version to 5.0.0


  • The randomInteger and randomDouble helpers now return a number type instead of a string, so that they can be combined with other helpers that require a number. For example when combined with the stringFormat helper: {{stringFormat '%02d:%02d' (randomInteger 0 59) (randomInteger 0 59)}}


  • The scenarios.js HTTP dropdown has been removed.
    • We recommend migrating to an OpenAPI specification file which can be used to produce a similar dropdown via the new HTTP skeletons functionality
    • Please email with your scenarios.js file and we will translate it to an OpenAPI file for you
    • Removed unused property
  • Improved reporting of port clashes and how to change ports in

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