Sunday 11 August 2019

How multiple teams can use Traffic Parrot

“Is it possible to segregate a Traffic Parrot installation across multiple teams?” - Consultant Developer at a global software consultancy in Portugal.

It's a great question, and we hear it quite often, so we have decided it would be good to blog about it!
Start with exploring the "3 ways to deploy and share virtual services and API mocks".

If you want to use Diagram 3 deployment style which is where we recommend using Traffic Parrot, Diagram 3a below shows an example of how you could configure TP to be used by multiple teams:

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On the left, you see a team responsible for the Legacy Banking Application. They used to have two environments DEV and QA that now connect to a Payment virtual service. They also have a CI build in Jenkins, and develop the application on their laptops. All of those environments use the same versioned virtual service artifact, that is used to spin up the Payment virtual service.
On the right, you can see another team in the same organisation but working in the new world of microservices. Developers and QAs are running developing and testing those microservices on their laptops, but they also have a GitLab pipeline setup. All of those laptops and the pipeline are running separate virtual services that are built from the source code and versioned in GIT source code.

Here is a sample workflow of how you can manage your API mocks as code to handle the distributed deployment and versioning of the API mock artifacts in the example above:

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You can see a sample developer workflow, how to create the API mocks (virtual services), test them together with the microservice. The workflow ends in the developer checking in and pushing his changes to GIT. And then a GitLab pipeline picking up those changes and running the checks, publishing and deploying the artifacts.
Please keep in mind, these are only examples to demonstrate how our clients use Traffic Parrot, the details can differ and will be specific to every organization.

If you would like a recommendation of how to deploy the virtual services or API mocks specific to your project, please contact and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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