Tuesday 9 March 2021

Traffic Parrot POC/evaluation project plan

After working with many enterprises as well as startups that have evaluated our product we hade identified a few key points that constitute a successful POC/evaluation plan. Here is the high level POC plan that has worked for our clients so far.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

High-level project plan:

  • Pre-requisites stage

    • Day 1: [TP and CLIENT] Schedule POC/evaluation 1-hour kick-off meeting with Traffic Parrot (TP) and client

      • Walkthrough the plan for the POC

      • Clarify value delivery milestone

      • Roles and responsibilities

      • Initial training plan

      • MNDA

    • Day 1: [CLIENT] Identify the name of the project that will use Traffic Parrot

    • Day 2-3: [CLIENT] Define the POC/evaluation project scope

      • [CLIENT] What is the value delivery milestone - how do we know TP was successful and the investment in new technology was a good investment

      • [CLIENT] What tests would you like to run during those 14 days

        • [CLIENT] Prepare specs for the APIs to be mocked

        • [CLIENT] Prepare a list of tests to run

  • Evaluation stage

    • Day 4-18: Evaluate Traffic Parrot product

      • [TP] share the product installation files including the evaluation license

      • [CLIENT] runs tests against Traffic Parrot product

  • Close stage

    • Day 19-20: POC/evaluation Report

      • [CLIENT] prepares a summary report with POC/evaluation outcomes

Example project plan

Example prerequisites outcome delivered by Client to Traffic Parrot.

  • Project name: Finance System Mocking

  • Value delivery milestone

    • If we use Traffic Parrot to mock the third party payment API our payments team does not have to rely on their manual process to get API responses and we will be able to complete our tests in days not weeks. This will save our team 1-2 months a year in time to market not having to wait for the third party manual processes to complete.

  • Roles and responsibilities:

    • John - architect

    • Bob - provides sample JSON requests and responses for the REST APIs

    • Sally - verifies solution provided by TP folks is sufficient

  • Initial training plan

  • POC/evaluation scope

    • Sally and John - Prepare specs for the APIs to be mocked

  • Evaluation

    • Liam from Traffic Parrot - create the first mock based on the API specs provided by Sally and John

    • Sally - create the remaining mocks after seeing the first one created by Liam

  • Report and closing

    • Sally - create the evaluation report

    • John - provide a go/no-go decision from a technical perspective


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