Thursday 25 March 2021

Traffic Parrot 5.24.9 released, what's new?

We have just released version 5.24.9. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • Extended virtual service support for using multiple native IBM® MQ virtual services (beta) linked to separate mappings:
    • The scenarios/VirtualServiceName/ now allows for configuring:
    • The scenarios/VirtualServiceName/ibm-mq-connections.json file is used to specify the queue manager connections per virtual service
    • The scenarios/VirtualServiceName/ibm-mq-mappings directory contains the mappings files per virtual service
    • The UI allows starting MQ replay for multiple virtual services at a time
  • The configuration points database-connections.jsondata and ibm-mq-connections.json are now configured per virtual service relative to the virtual service directory rather than globally
  • The file is now sorted by key when changes are made via the UI
  • The logs now contain the virtual service name to help determine which log lines correspond to which virtual services


  • Improved OpenAPI import examples compatibility
  • Fixed an issue where the total number of MQ writeConnectionsToOpen specified in ibm-mq-connections.json was incorrectly being read from the readConnectionsToOpen field
  • Fixed a race condition where a scenario change could result in HTTP mapping file bodies being momentarily loaded from the incorrect directory
  • Fixed an issue where some temporary directories were not being cleaned up properly on shutdown
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the page after stopping replay mode would result in attempting a form resubmission
  • Fixed an issue where the UI log pages would sometimes be incorrectly detected as binary files by the browser and downloaded instead of displayed


  • The xPath helper now allows iteration over specific extracted nodes as an alternative to using the xPathList helper, which iterates over all of the child nodes
  • The equal helper now additionally considers the arguments to be equal if they convert to the same string representation when rendered (e.g. XML nodes)
  • Upgraded bundled JRE from 8u262 to 8u282
  • Upgraded WireMock from 2.27.1 to 2.27.2
  • Upgraded gRPC from 1.31.1 to 1.36.0
  • Upgraded protoc from 3.12.0 to 3.15.5
  • This release is compatible with the MQ JAR up to version

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