Sunday 17 December 2023

Traffic Parrot 5.43.2 released, what's new?

We have just released version 5.43.2. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • Added support for editing gRPC response delays in the UI
  • Added support for editing HTTP/gRPC response delays with uniform min/max distribution in the UI
  • Added support for connecting to IBM® MQ with an unspecified or null username/password


  • Library upgrades to fix OWASP issues
  • Timeout shutdown if tray icon takes too long to close


  • Upgraded protoc from 3.24.4 to 3.25.1
  • Upgraded gRPC from 1.58.0 to 1.60.0
  • Upgraded bundled JRE from 8u382 to 8u392
  • Increased shutdown logging verbosity
  • Windows executable metadata was updated
  • The default virtual service CA certificate was renewed
  • Amazon SQS HTTP plugin retired, please contact if you need extended support

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