Monday 7 August 2023

Aligning company objectives when planning a system simulation project

When planning a system simulation (service virtualization) project, aligning the project with the enterprise strategy is essential. For example, here is what I have been discussing recently with a prospect.

CIO's objective: High uptime.

Director of QA objective: Quality product (feeds into high uptime enterprise objective)

Director of QA key result: Do root cause analysis on all 2023 incidents resulting in lowering downtime of the product (allows a targeted approach to resolving uptime issues)

Director of QA key result: increase automated test coverage by 30% to be able to prevent root cause issues from happening again

Director of QA key result: Create three system simulators (virtual services) to allow for increased automated test coverage for user journeys X, Y and Z

Result: The Director of QA can communicate to the CIO that selected categories of issues causing uptime downgrade will be mitigated going forward, and the expected uptime is increased by X.

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