Monday 20 March 2023

Traffic Parrot 5.37.7 released, what's new?

We have just released version 5.37.7. Here is a list of the changes that came with the release:


  • New HTTP request matching script can be used to e.g. match a request header using a regular expression
  • New {{evaluate}} helper to evaluate a JavaScript command
  • JMS recording now supports requests that use JMSReplyTo
  • JMS IBM MQ new toggle in connection to allow MQ JMS to copy request message id to response message id
  • RabbitMQ JMS improvements including:
    • RabbitMQ RPC support
    • RabbitMQ replyTo support
    • RabbitMQ virtual host support
    • Declare queue if it does not already exist in the broker on record/replay start using the arguments specified in the connection e.g. x-max-length
  • Object store improvements including:
    • All operations are now thread safe within a single Traffic Parrot instance
    • A default value can be specified to return if an object is not found
  • property is now also taken into account for {{ dataSource }} CSV file access


  • Allow API requests to set the Accept header with multiple content types, so long as the first one listed is application/json
  • Fixed an issue with the scenario dropdown when no default port specified
  • If there is an exception when starting, e.g. due to a missing property, startup fails immediately instead of waiting the full timeout duration to fail
  • If the trafficparrot.license does not exist on startup, a relevant message is now displayed in the UI
  • Improved compatibility with OpenShift 4 when using a TLS passthrough route to the license server


  • gRPC matching now returns the closest match if multiple candidate responses match and warns in the logs about multiple matches
  • Bundle instead of many small license text files, which were slow to extract on Windows

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