Friday 17 February 2023

3 KPIs for Director of QA and Head of QA for 2023

As a Head of QA, it's essential to measure your team's performance and ensure that your organization's products meet the highest standards of quality. Here are three KPIs that are commonly used in QA departments to track and measure quality:

  • Defect density - Defect density is a metric that measures the number of defects found in a particular phase of software development or a given amount of code. This metric helps you to identify areas of the development process that require improvement and measure the effectiveness of the testing process.
  • Test coverage - Test coverage is the percentage of the software code that has been tested by your team. This KPI provides a way to measure the thoroughness of your testing efforts and helps you identify areas of the code that have not been tested. By increasing test coverage, you can increase the quality of your products and reduce the number of defects that make it into production.
  • Mean time to detect (MTTD) - MTTD measures the time it takes to detect a defect from the moment it is introduced into the code. This KPI is an essential measure of the effectiveness of your testing process and helps you identify the most critical areas for improvement. By reducing MTTD, you can minimize the impact of defects on your customers and ensure that your products are of the highest quality.

By tracking these KPIs and continuously working to improve them, you can ensure that your organization's products meet the highest standards of quality and improve customer satisfaction. 

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