Tuesday 3 January 2023

Agile and DevOps transformations done in a Waterfall way

Too often, our clients reach out to us seeking API simulation help, and during initial calls, we discover they also need help with transformation and technology adoption side of the project. We see that they approach the Agile and DevOps transformation in a “Waterfall way”, doing large upfront designs and planning mass migrations.

For example, a company that hired one of our consultants to help with API simulation spent a year before engaging with us building a new tech platform with designs done upfront and little user feedback. The migration to the new platform was problematic due to unforeseen issues during the first usage of the new platform. The company sought our guidance on how to "force" the new platform and API simulation onto the developers and testers. Our feedback in this situation is to keep in mind the J-Curve effect and the change capacity of teams, and instead of forcing the new solution onto teams, listen to their feedback carefully. The issue with the migration could have been prevented by doing smaller-scale incremental migrations with early feedback from the developers and testers working on the projects. We have engaged with the development and testing teams and applied API simulation to solve the teams' high-priority problems, such as high numbers of UAT bugs. An incremental approach of introducing one new technique at a time allowed for building mutual trust between the transformation and project teams.

Sonya Siderova has explained the general principle very well in her article "How the J Curve Effect Defines the Success of Your Transformation Initiative"

If you need help planning a project to use API simulation to accelerate your digital transformation and create automated tests faster, feel free to reach out to us.

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