Monday 13 June 2022

How to get a FedEx testing tracking number?

The short answer (detailed answer below)

To get one of the testing FedEx tracking numbers, you can use one of the tracking numbers from the table below (copied from Mock Tracking Numbers for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground) or the number 123456789012.

Note that the FedEx Sandbox environment might be unstable during your testing and you might need to use FedEx API mocks instead (either built in-house using Wiremock or ready-made by a vendor).

Scan EventTracking NumberTrack By Reference Info.Shipment Account NumberShip DateDestination Postal Code
Shipment information sent to FedEx449044304137821Customer Reference: 115380173Ground Shipment ID: DMWsGWdnNN51008800015-08-202033126
Tendered149331877648230Ground Shipment ID: 14933187764823051008800015-08-202028752
Picked up020207021381215Ground Shipment ID: 5308952851008800015-08-202030549
Arrived at FedEx location403934084723025Ground Shipment ID: 403934084723025Department: 3182672251008800015-08-202099206
At local FedEx facility920241085725456Customer Reference: 0014243047/34684523 Ground Shipment ID: 92024108572545651008800015-08-202019720
At destination sort facility568838414941Shipper Reference: P218101_004154359Purchase Order: P218101_00415435951008800015-08-202085388
Departed FedEx location039813852990618Customer Reference: 4631962Ground Shipment ID: THE HOUSEDepartment: McGeePurchase Order: 338515851008800015-08-202024740
On FedEx vehicle for delivery231300687629630Customer Reference: W62283340102Ground Shipment ID: 231300687629630Purchase Order: 622833451008800015-08-202033126
International shipment release797806677146N/A
Customer not available or business closed (Delivery Exception 007)377101283611590Ground Shipment ID: 37710128361159051008800015-08-202095815
Local delivery restriction (Delivery Exception 083)852426136339213Customer Reference: 11840271301351008800015-08-202011375
Incorrect address (Delivery Exception 03)797615467620Shipper Reference: OTHER-TK10451008800015-08-202070810
Unable to deliver (Shipment Exception 099)957794015041323N/A
Returned to sender/shipper076288115212522Invoice: 8190951008800015-08-202050323
Clearance delay (International)581190049992N/A
Delivered122816215025810Customer Reference: PO#17472451008800015-08-202024273
Hold at location843119172384577N/A
Shipment canceled070358180009382Customer Reference: 15241402Ground Shipment ID: 07035818000938251008800015-08-202094545
Duplicate Tracking Number713062653486Unique Identifier 1: 2457821000~713062653486~FXUnique Identifier 2: 2457835000~713062653486~FX

The longer answer

The FedEx Sandbox has numerous stability and test data problems. For example, if you use tracking code 123456789012, you will get a different response status depending on the state of the FedEx Sandbox environment.

If you are performing a one-off manual test of your Magento integration with FedEx API, then using the FedEx Sandbox should be sufficient, and you can go ahead and use one of the codes provided above.

If, however, you are running automated regression or integration tests on a schedule or per commit, then the instability of the environment might cripple your testing. For example, you might see flaky tests and flaky builds and have to spend time investigating them even though there is nothing wrong with your code or tests; it's just an issue with the FedEx Sandbox API.

To resolve the issue with FedEx Sandbox environment stability, you have three options, which are essentially about using test-doubles instead of the real FedEx Sandbox API:

  • Create and use mocks in your code instead of using the FedEx Sandbox. For example, Mockito in Java or uniuttest.mock in Python. This means you will have to write the FedEx Mockito mocks yourself. And it comes with several tradeoffs. This is a popular option for developers that have time on their hands and can build solutions internally, and don't work on a tight deadline.
  • Create over-the-wire mocks with tools like Wiremock or Mountebank instead of using the FedEx Sandbox. There is a list of tools like that on Wikipedia. The issue here again is that you have to build those over-the-wire mocks yourself, which can be problematic if it's more than one API and you have a lot of work on your plate anyway.
  • Use ready-made FedEx API mocks like the one from Traffic Parrot instead of using the FedEx Sandbox. The advantage is that experts create them and can use them within minutes. Just copy their mock API URL and use it instead of the FedEx one. Good idea if you are on a tight deadline. You will have to pay for using them, which can sometimes be a downside of this option.

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