Monday 10 May 2021

Traffic Parrot component archtecture

"Other commercial service virtualization tools we have been using at our company for years offer a client application to create virtual services and a virtual service environment on the server-side to run the simulators. Does Traffic Parrot offer separate components to create virtual services and run virtual services?" - Senior Service Virtualization Specialist working for a national service provider.

Traffic Parrot encapsulates both the client-side and server-side components in one executable. This means when you install Traffic Parrot on your laptop or on a server both of those installations have the capabilities to create as well as run the virtual services.

Traffic Parrot has adopted this approach as it has been proved effective by several Next-Gen Service Virtualisation offerings that are popular for both traditional monolithic system testing as well as the new world of the container and microservice use-cases (e.g. WiremockMountebank, or Hoverfly).

Our clients find this characteristic of our offering valuable compared to other traditional commercial service virtualization offerings because it allows them to use Traffic Parrot in both traditional monolithic environments as well as when working with containers and microservices. They say it is especially beneficial when migrating to the new world of Kubernetes (Openshift, Rancher, etc.) from traditional monolithic architectures because they can support both new and existing infrastructure allowing for a smooth transition for their developers and testers and overall less time and effort spent on the migration.

Please find a few high-level components architecture comparison diagrams below. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your company's specific use case please reach out to us and will be glad to help.

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