Monday 17 February 2020

Why do I have to create a new test environment for service virtualization?

"Why do I have to create a new test environment for service virtualization? Will it be more work for us to test now in two environments?" - Test Architect at a UK test consultancy

Create a separate environment for a new testing phase is a standard industry approach for implementing API mocking. This short case study provides an example of how it has been at a company we have worked with.

A global media company was developing a new product to be released to the market in 7 months time. The testers and developers were using a third party API for mobile number porting. The communication with the service was done asynchronously using files.

There was an issue with that API because they had to wait for 24 hours for requests to be processed and responses returned.

The developers and testers decided to take control of their testing schedule by mocking the third party service. They did this by introducing a new environment where they tested with service virtualization. They used Traffic Parrot technology to create API mocks.

The testers were happy to have two environments because it allowed them for more predictability and control over their test cases when testing with mocks. They used the integrated environment only when integrating with new APIs or changing user journeys significantly.

The result was that they were able to save 3 or more days a week in lead time for product development.

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