Friday 31 May 2019

Error 2085 when creating IBM MQ mocks

Recently we have received a query from an engineer evaluating Traffic Parrot:

"Hi! I am trying to do an MQ stub, but facing some issues. I get an error code 2085, can you please help me out?" - Software Engineer at a Bank, Australia.

Typically error 2085 means the queue or topic your application or Traffic Parrot connects to does not exist on the IBM MQ broker.

It will be hard to help more just by looking at the error code alone. If you see an error like this, please contact to schedule a quick call with screen sharing to resolve your issue.

Here is a tutorial of JMS IBM MQ:
Here is a video tutorial JMS IBM MQ: 
Here are the docs for JMS:
Here is how you can run IBM MQ on Docker for development and testing purposes:

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