Friday 15 September 2017

Introducing support for JMS Service Virtualization, JMS API mocking and JMS stubbing

JMS: ActiveMQ & IBM MQ

We have just released Traffic Parrot 3.8.0 which supports JMS service virtualization, JMS API mocking and JMS stubbing. Version 3.8.0 supports ActiveMQ and IBM® WebSphere MQ Version 7.5. If you need support for other brokers please get in touch and we will add them.


Traffic Parrot version 3.8.0 also supports HTTPS Proxy service virtualization, API mocking and stubbing (Proxy forwarding using SSL/TLS), which is useful when working Mobile apps that talk HTTP to backend servers (iPhone, Android and Genymotion) and you need scripting capabilities. For more details see the documentation.

Docker, Kubernetes (K8S)

We have improved support for Docker and Kubernetes.

Maven, Jenkins, Continous Integration

We have improved integration with continuous integration and continuous delivery tools such as Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Teamcity, and similar.

Download latest version.

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