Saturday 8 October 2016

Traffic Parrot for Agile testing and development teams

Why is it a good idea to buy Traffic Parrot if you are a manager of an Agile development team?

I have seen it take 3-10 days of development to create an over-the-wire stub with a GUI. Average Java developer pay in the UK is £450pd for contractors or £50k for permanent staff. £50k/252 days in a year is £200pd for a permanent developer.

An average estimate cost of in-house development could be minimum 3*£200=£600 and maximum of 10*£450=£4500. So you could be spending on average between £600 to £4500 in a year on developing a tool like this if only a team needs it.

So, a good guess could be you will spend somewhere between £600 and £4500 on a stub with a GUI, for example, £2500, if you build it in-house. Why not buy Traffic Parrot for Agile teams for only $49 a month, which is around £500 a year?

If there is more than one team developing a tool like this, which I have seen happen in one organization, you will spend a multiple of that number.

If you are doing pair programming, the estimate could probably be two times less to two more depending on the pair.

Please contact us to walk around your situation and run these calculations to see if Traffic Parrot makes sense for your team.

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