Monday, 25 May 2015

Service virtualization and stubbing tools list comparison

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  1. Hi Wojtek, just a little correction, Wilma has GUI.

  2. Nice resource!

    Information for RTVS:

    primarily Java
    Technology dates from before 2004:
    As Green Hat 1997 - current software is copyright from 2001

    An IBM employee not speaking on behave of IBM

  3. What an great comprehensive list! You might find it useful to see vendor neutral reviews from real users on IT Central Station. Many of the Service Virtualization tools you mention have been rated here:

    Top rated is CA SV. This QA Manager looked at a few different options before making his decision: "We considered HP SV, IBM GreenHat, Parasoft, and others. The benefits with CA SV are cost savings on hardware and earlier defect identification". To see the rest of his review click here:

    Hope this is helpful.

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  6. Service virtualization is a technique for decoupling a test suite from environmental dependencies that is growing in popularity. It is part of the broader category of "test doubles" that include mocks and stubs. There are many tools that support either service virtualization or two very similar approaches: stubbing and mocking.